FIDIA S.r.l. joins the network “The First Brick”. “The First Brick”network is characterized by a remarkable technological content and consists of highly specialized companies that are able to interact through the web, in the field of public and private realestate patrimonies (infrastructures, civil, industrial, historical, artistical and monumental etc.) in terms of knowledge, testing and real time monitoring, restoration, retrofit, maintenance, management, valorization and marketing.

FIDIA S.r.l. is a founding member of the “Composites Italian Association”, which aims to:

  • promote the application of fiber composite materials (FRP) in the construction industry and their knowledge transfer;
  • encourage the research and the development of the above-mentioned materials and of their commercialization;
  • co-operate with academical and professional agencies in order to promote spreading of such knoledge among students and professional engineers;
  • ontribute in the preparation of guidelines and procedures needed to reach the above-mentiones goals.

FIDIA S.r.l. is a member of ASS.I.R.C.CO, “Restoration and Strengthening Buildings Italian Association” a non-profit organization born in February 1977 in order to divulge technical-scientific information about retrofit and strengthening of historical-monumental and civil structures.

FIDIA S.r.l.. is a member of ASSINDUSTRIA.

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